the marketing audit

The Marketing Audit

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Stethoscope representing our Marketing Audit by Armstrong Beech Marketing, Debbie NewmanA review of your current marketing strategy, what is working and what isn’t… A great place to start so you can see with much greater vision and focus what’s what for going forward and driving your business onwards and upwards!
For larger businesses, then generally a session with each of your teams is recommended.
Usually 3 hours and typically covers:

  • undertake a brief SWOT analysis – Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats; identify who is your target market and what problem you are solving for them;
  • what makes you unique, special and different?
  • examine what research has been undertaken eg client and competitor analysis;
  • consider your brand and services (or products);
  • what marketing communication activity is currently being undertaken;
  • feedback as to what works/ what doesn’t and any ROI details;
  • what social network presence if any is being undertaken;
  • understand what marketing support would best help you/your team;
  • budget.

A summary bullet point audit report will be sent to you within five working days of the audit.
Call now on 01225 869 240 or 07789 778 335
Debbie Newman turns your business vision and ambition into a profitable marketing strategy and is also a qualified coach & mentor.  Works mostly in Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire, Gloucester, Somerset, Dorset and Oxfordshire.