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What can a Marketing and Sales Strategy
do for your business?

  • defines how you are going to achieve your overall business goals and objectives;
  • bring energy, purpose and conviction to your marketing activities and communications ensuring that every element is working hard for your business and is the best it can be;
  • saves you time and money so that you are not encouraged to advertise in publications that don’t ‘fit’ with your target market.

“No matter what your product (service) is, you are ultimately in the education business. Your customers need to be constantly educated about the many advantages of doing business with you, trained to use your products (services) more effectively, and taught how to make never-ending improvement in their lives.”
Robert G. Allen on the Importance of Educating Your Target Market

Marketing covers such a huge agenda, the areas we could concentrate on might include a selection from the following, depending on what you want to achieve.

  • Your products and services
  • Your target customers and buying personas
  • Pricing
  • Sales processes
  • Branding
  • Email newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Or all of this and more!

The Marketing Audit – starting at the beginning – “a very good place to start”

I love working with clients on their marketing audit – it is just fabulous to see the business owner taking time to stand back from the day-to-day pressures and give some time to thinking about his/her business. As the passion flows, so do the thoughts and ideas. It’s brilliant. Just as you take your car for a regular service, then so too your business also deserves a check-up.
The Audit takes a snapshot of your business and could cover, as an example,

  • your pricing;
  • examine what research has been undertaken eg client and competitor analysis;
  • what it is you’re selling and to whom (target market);
  • what problems are you solving for them?
  • what makes you unique, special and different;
  • what do your customers think of you?
  • what’s the most profitable element of your business;
  • consider your brand and services (or products);
  • what marketing communication activity is currently being undertaken;
  • feedback as to what works/ what doesn’t and any ROI details;
  • what social network presence if any is being undertaken;
  • understand what marketing support would best help you/your team;
  • budget.

It’s also very powerful to undertake a brief SWOT analysis – Strengths and Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats – both on yourself and to work with your team to undertake one for the business.
The Audit usually takes half day with a single business owner/manager. If a larger business, eg a firm of solicitors, then typically two hours with each partner. Then I need to put the findings into a coherent order and prepare a summary bullet point audit report. I aim to get this to you within five working days of the audit.
Then this forms the basis of your Marketing Strategy; you will have much greater vision and focus, seeing clearly what’s what to help in the process of ‘going forward’ and driving your business onwards and upwards.

We can help you make sense of your whole business

Your Product and Services:

  • what are they?
  • who is your target market/ customer(s);
  • what is your means of communicating with them?
  • what makes you unique special and different?
  • why should I buy from you and not the competition?

Your customer:

  • identifying your target customers and working on buying personas;
  • identifying what problem are you solving for them;
  • what’s their customer journey with you?
  • what’s the level of service you’re offering?
  • how you’re communicating with each different target market sector;

Your Pricing:

  • what’s the most profitable part of your business?
  • how do your prices compare with the competition?
  • who are your most profitable customers?

Your Sales and sales process:

I work hard with my clients to create great trust. I do what I promise; I am determined and persistent but also very ethical. Having worked in both the B2B and B2C arenas, including surviving 8 years working in the very aggressive market place of mobile telephony, I can bring my experience to work with you and/or your team to cover, for example:

  • how the sales and buying processes have changed over the last few years
  • the new sales journey
  • barriers for effective selling and overcoming objections
  • top qualities of your sales team
  • Listening & asking the right questions

Very happy to talk through with you what will work best. Just give me a call.

Your brand:

Branding is a set of human characteristics associated with a brand. Its personality is how the brand behaves and is built over time and refers to the outcome of a consumer’s experience of your brand.  Core traits of your brand could include sincerity, excitement, competence and sophistication Let me help you understand how your brand can benefit you in your business.

Want to get the very best from your email newsletters?

If you want to ensure they have the best chance of being read/opened and acted upon, let me help you understand the process.  It’s not as straightforward as you might think!  You need to think about

  • understanding your objectives for sending them
  • understanding your responsibilities with your data base
  • planning
  • content and style
  • how and from which email to send
  • how often to send and when
  • what about reading from a handheld?
  • open and click through rates
  • test and measure

Let me help you to understand the best way maximise effectiveness of your email newsletter.

Social media:

First you need to understand all your different target customers and brainstorm the best methods of communicating with them. Should you combine off line and on line? Is your LinkedIn profile up to date?   Are you tweeting or posting to Facebook or some of the many other social media forums?  Let me help. I’m not a techy whizz but understand what needs to be done from a marketing perspective – give me a call. If you’re wanting someone who can undertake all your social media for you, then I’d be happy to make recommendations.

Your website:

Got a website and know it needs updating? Or haven’t got a website and don’t know where to start? I can work with you to write the copy to explain your key services and products and liaise with your web person to create the site. If updating, would ideally need to work with your analytics from Google and to understand your key words and phrases – long and short tail. We’d need to focus on your ‘keyword search’ for each page of your site as well as your “Headers”.

Your customers and what they really think:

This can be such an amazingly powerful exercise if crafted and carried out well – not only getting answers to your questions but also testimonials and referrals if seeded at the time.
“Debbie prompted us into organizing a customer survey with some of our VIP clients.  We used someone outside of our business, recommended by her, who was able to elicit some fantastic feedback for us,  which I don’t think I ever would have obtained myself.  Thank you, Debbie”.   Mary Collett, Director, Chaunceys Oak Flooring

Saving those £50 notes

Working to understand all of this ‘stuff’ means that next time you’re called by a very nice telesales person wanting to sell you advertising space, you’ll be able to consider strategically whether it’s the right outlet for you with a target market which matches your own.

Funding to work with you on your marketing and business strategy:

Debbie is a registered and approved Growth Coach with Business West’s GrowthAccelerator providing expert, tailored advice to help ambitious businesses achieve rapid, sustainable growth. She is also registered with the Wiltshire Business Support Service on their growth programmes. Some of the schemes offer part funding to work on growing your business. See Debbie’s blog post for details of available funding.

How does it work?

I work with business owners who really do want to grow their business and are happy to make the commitment so to do. They are generally based up to 90 minutes’ drive from Bradford on Avon, BA15, so Bristol, Gloucester, Swindon, Oxford, throughout Wiltshire, down to Bournemouth (original home town!) or back through Dorset and Somerset.
My client relationships vary from regular monthly commitments specific projects, as/when needed, as well as working with the Government funding initiatives. Initially there will be more input from you in terms of time so that a complete understanding of you and your business is achieved.


I know it sounds a cop-out but there are so many variations it is impossible to give a neat price for all elements of the work I undertake with clients.
We can agree commitment/hours/rates/payment terms at the start of working together so that both our expectations are met. Give me a call and I’ll try my best to accommodate you.
And with your marketing being managed by a professional, ensuring it’s working for you, you can concentrate on your passion of running your business.

If you want to understand what a marketing and sales strategy can do for your business, then get in touch on 07789 778 335