testimonials continued…

“Debbie has been undertaking seminar project management for Barclays Local Business Marketing since the beginning of the year. She is constantly improving processes and her intuitive marketing background plays a key role with this. She works well with and organizes the Barclays teams ‘on the ground’ and liaises closely with all parties involved. She is constantly looking at the wider implications and how we can continue to maximise and improve our marketing deliverables”. (Oct 08)
Julie Richardson, Local Business Marketing, Barclays Bank plc

(whilst at CBS) “I have to say Debbie is comfortably the most efficient, helpful and amiable person we deal with out of ALL our suppliers!! Regards”
Gary Jefferies Owner, ASAP Personal Couriers Tel: 01793-848298

“In the eight years that I have known Debbie Newman, she has consistently produced practical, workable marketing ideas to move the business forward. She is sympathetic to the constraints of the business, but at all times has integrated the ideas into effective joined-up solution”
Markus Hankinson, MD, CBS 2007

“Debbie has the unusual ability of identifying the skills and values of other people and this enables her to maximise objectives effectively and efficiently”
Sylvia Higgs, Employment Law Adviser

“During the last five and a half years, Debbie Newman has been employed in a part-time capacity as Hirings Manager for Lord Wandsworth College Enterprises Ltd. During that time she has established the company as a growing concern and has made a significant contribution to the financial strength of the College.
Her previous professional experience in this field brought inside knowledge which was particularly useful in the start-up phase; but the success of the company has been mainly due to her organising ability and her happy touch with clients. She has a shrewd financial instinct which has led her to make sensible arrangements concerning payments in advance and she has never been left with a bad debt.
She has a good knowledge of accounting procedures… and she manages her budgets very tightly. Her warm and friendly personality is ideal for work in this field where human relationships are all important; her professional skill has been proved beyond all doubt. I can thoroughly recommend her”.
Sir Humphrey Prideaux, (then) Chairman of the Governors, Lord Wandsworth College writing about the commercial ‘arm’ of the College, LWC Enterprises Ltd. 

“Debbie Newman is a committed, professional business-lady who has shown complete dedication to her tasks. Her work as sales and marketing manager has been varied and demanding. Her sole reason for leaving our employ is that she has recently married and chosen to relocate. In the short term she will continue to be associated with us, which is in itself an indication of our regard for her abilities. We would have no hesitation in giving her the highest reference”
Brian Heap, Deputy Managing Director, Anglo-World Education Ltd

From a French representative at the end of a trade fair shortly before I was leaving Anglo-World Education (above) to relocate because of my marriage….
“Debbie did a wonderful job amongst the hundreds of visitors all the day. I don’t know how I would have managed without her. I am really sorry she is leaving you. I told her a man is not worthy leaving an interesting job, but she did not agree! Perhaps she can continue to work for you part-time, keeping the contact with the Agents… Anybody can do the administrative work, but not anybody the personal contact.
Nadine Haik.. de Vraies Ecoles de Langues 1985

From AWE’s Venezuelan agent who Debbie appointed on my first trip to Caracas, some 10 years earlier:
“Debbie, On your last day with AWE, may I thank you for the wonderful business/personal relationship that we have established over the last years and for all the trust and confidence that you put on the newborn Globorama. It is with this confidence and with all the help and assistance that you gave us that Globorama has been able to grow and become a sound and respected company. I hope that you will continue to be associated with Anglo Wold in some way as it would be a pity for them to lose all the expertise that you have and the good will that you have built all over the world. Un gran y fuerte abrazo.”
Lucy Quagiotto, Glorobrama srl, Caracas, Venezuela  1985

“She is friendly and discerning, has a quick grasp of a situation and makes firm and wise decisions. Added to this she has a great sense of humour and has a way of making one feel the better for being in her company”
Jean Willis 1983

“Debbie has an attractive personality, a considerable intelligence, and is a first class organizer. She is shrewd and perceptive….. and under pressure remains calm and maintains a keen sense of humour. Her integrity and discretion is outstanding as is her conscientiousness and loyalty”.
Mervyn Lesser BA FRSA, Chairman of Lesser Building Systems

“Debbie is an intelligent and gifted employee……. her soft spoken approach often belies the perspicacity of her remarks”.
F Schillig –MD, ACEG.