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Telephone Preference Service laws enforced

Telephone Preference Service laws enforced

I was really pleased to read that Dorset County Council Trading Standards Service has brought a company to book which has resulted in the Telephone Preference Service Laws Enforced and legal precedent set.  Hoorah!  I’m sure I’m not alone totally exasperated by with cold calling  when,  despite repeated requests, you know that your name is not going to be removed from the list, no matter how hard you try.  Why is it that company owners who rely on telesales just don’t bother to buy a ‘clean’ list?  Would have been a lot cheaper than the £36K fine.

“TPS chief warns telemarketers of increased risk of fines as trading standards enforces TPS laws for first time

The Telephone Preference Service has warned businesses conducting sales and marketing calls of an increased risk of fines after a local trading standards authority made a legal first by prosecuting a company for calling people registered on the TPS’s ‘do not call’ list.

In February, Dorset County Council Trading Standards Service issued a first-of-its-kind fine to a home improvements company, Apple Group Holdings Limited, for making unwanted sales and marketing calls to residents registered on the TPS. The company was fined £36,000 for causing ‘persistent nuisance’ to elderly and vulnerable people. This action has set a legal precedent, paving the way for companies operating nationally to be fined for TPS breaches in every county it operates.

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