7 Reasons Not to Use Internet Explorer

7 Reasons Not to Use Internet Explorer

An interesting post from   (29/4/14) about the foibles of using IE.  Just this last week when updating my own website I really began to understand some of the differences between using IE and Chrome. Quite a different look, sometimes, especially the way it seems to allow Skype to take over the contact numbers.  And with Constant Contact which I use for my newsletters, some basic formatting rules just fall over on IE whereas they work fine on Chrome.  And a colleague’s website header was perfect on Chrome but not right without a lot of work done on IE – even the latest version.

 So understanding more fully the reasons not to use internet explorer has helped me…  I hope you find it useful too.   Has IE had its day then?

“Since the recent security lock-down of Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer) yesterday  I figured I should write a post to all those people who still may actually be using Internet Explorer

Drum roll please…

Reason #1 – IE is broken beyond repair. Literally there is no solution.

“We are currently unaware of a practical solution to this problem,” the Department of Homeland Security’s United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team said in a post Monday morning.

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