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George Raynault's Mental Doodle : 'you are not a sniper'

Sniper – another great Mental Doodle from George.  

George was the business brain behind Weekenders for which I worked when I first moved here to Bath some 20 years ago.  I had the privilege of attending around 8 days of management training from George; quite amazing. Not a note, no powerpoint, nothing. Just the ability to keep you focussed. Brilliant.

This is just a guess: you are not a Sniper.
So you don’t take infinite pains / time to aim and adjust and re-aim and re-adjust and…

until you pass to one ‘perfect’ action.

And so, because you are not a Sniper, your aim is off.
Oh, just a little. Well, as it leaves the barrel.
Then the further it gets, the more ‘wrong’ it becomes.

So, unless you are a Sniper, correct those things you (yes, you!) did wrong as soon as possible.
Otherwise, as it nears the target, the error gets so very large … then you truly are wrong.
Only an amateur believes that error correction draws unwanted attention to self.
Early correction of initially slight errors is the way all targets are achieved.
Unless you are a Sniper.

You’re not a Sniper, are you?
Then don’t delay to correct the initially small things!
(Family stuff too.)

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