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UK Social Media User Demographics

UK Social Media User Demographics & Their Suitability According to a Company’s Target Group

I thought this was an interesting article with lots of facts and figures about UK social media user demographics  for your edification!  It’s written by Elisa Sakki for Optimise Blog.
It’s easy to think that ‘my customers don’t use social media’.  And for sure some of them might not, but others will use it in their free time even if not for work, so when considering which marketing communications route to include in your overall marketing strategy, it would be a brilliant if you could break down your target customer into ‘buying personas’ from which you can then calculate whether or not each persona is likely to be using which social media path, both in his/her work time and free time.  Would be delighted to work with you on this if you need help.
“With 85% of the UK population stating that they have used Internet, it is becoming clear that companies can now approach a wide range of people by implementing on-line strategies. Apparently this is something that many have already realized since 1/3 of the advertising spend is going intoDigital Marketing.

But what British do when they are on-line? According to last year’s McKinsey & Company report, UK citizens spend on average 289 minutes per day on the web excluding the time consumed on search engines and on-line shopping. From this time the vast majority, 61 minutes, is used for Social Networking purposes followed by Internet browsing (52 minutes), reading/writing emails (40 minutes) and editing documents or photos (23 minutes). More details can be found on the following diagram”.   Read the rest of the article here. 

Social Media breakdown 2013