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Thank you

Thank you
“Thank you for making a brave choice.
For choosing a path that guaranteed pain and exhaustion.   And for walking it with determination and maturity, showing us that the easy way isn’t always the best.
Thank you for the sacrifices; the 6am starts, ice baths, Christmas Day runs. All to follow your dream. A dream we came to share.
Thank you for London. For carrying a nation on your shoulders, turning pressure and expectation into strength and speed. For showing us what belief looks like.
Thank you for smiling. And for crying. For being human, albeit with superhuman abilities. For making us feel that although we didn’t know you, we did.
Thank you for the comeback. For showing us how to defy the odds and return even stronger. Oh, and raise a family at the same time.
Thank you for inspiring us to run faster, jump higher, throw further. Or to simply try harder in whatever we do. For showing us that nothing’s out of reach and that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.
Thank you for being the girl next door who took on the world. And won.
Thank you Jessica.
Here’s to the next adventure”.
Brilliant. It appeared just 5 days after Jessica Ennis-Hill announced her retirement- a full-page feature (ad?) in The Times on 18th October, from Santander.