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7 mistaken beliefs of ‘modern’ marketing- by Andy Hanselman

  • 7 mistaken beliefs of ‘modern’ marketing- by Andy Hanselman
  • Posted by andyhanselman on Thu, 21/04/2011 – 13:08

    We’re in ‘interesting times’! The rise in ‘Social Media’ and web technology, the tough economic conditions, the rapid pace of change and the ‘globalisation’ of the world seems to amplify the good and the bad when it comes to ‘marketing’. I speak and present on marketing and customer care to all sorts of businesses at all sorts of events and I come across some really successful marketeers and quite a few ‘not so successful’ in my audiences. The ones that don’t appear to be doing so well seem to hold to one or more of a number of ‘mistaken beliefs’ when it comes to ‘Social Media’  which I can’t help feel are holding them back. (I’m sure there are lots more, but these seem to be the ones I still see quite a lot):

    Mistaken Belief One: We’ll stick to the ‘real world’!

    They’re scared, intimated or unknowledgeable about ‘social media’ and today’s communication channels, and therefore stick to what they believe is the ‘real’ world as opposed to the ‘virtual’ world. The reality is, of course, that the ‘online’ world is the ‘real’ world! With over 500 million on Facebook, and over 140 Million ‘Tweets’ sent per day, this is the ‘Real World’, so ‘Get Real’!

    Mistaken Belief 2: It doesn’t affect us!