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If you still use Windows XP – then this is for you.

An interesting article from Andy Poulton….
“In a life that’s seen 3 UK Prime Ministers, 3 Popes and 2 US Presidents Microsoft is finally stopping support for Windows XP on April 8th 2014.
According to a survey conducted by Net Applications nearly 40% of Windows updates itself, Again!global desktops still use Windows XP, only slightly behind Windows 7 which has just under 45% penetration. All of the alternatives, Vista, Windows 8 and Mac OS X account for 5% or less of the desktop operating system market.
OK, you may say, ‘we still use XP but we’ve never contacted Microsoft for any support so why is it relevant to me?’
Microsoft have been constantly working away behind the scenes to deliver patches that resolve reliability issues and fix security holes.”
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