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Customer Loyalty – What A Goldfish Can Teach You

Customer Loyalty – What A Goldfish Can Teach You

I loved this article about customer loyalty written by David Edelman, McKinsey partner leading Digital Marketing Strategy Practice.

Not only is it great for customer loyalty,  but it’s also a great example of customer engagement.  The whole sales process has turned on its head and once you have that contract signed and delivered the goods or service, then it’s really only the start of your customer engagement journey.
You then want to have given your client/customer such an amazing customer journey and experience that he/she tells all his/her friends about it.  This idea of a goldfish, if wanted, in your hotel bedroom, is neat on many counts – original,  simple and authentic.  It’s unexpected and will naturally encourage people to write about in on their various social media blogs/posts. It won’t break the bank.  Great ROI I imagine too.
So what does it take to get to this?  A great team, brainstorming, lateral thinking, perhaps an outside influence and sounding board?  What do you think?

Customer Loyalty
Customer Loyalty
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Do your customers feel valued?

OK then, it’s Valentine’s Day next week; don’t just keep this day for your loved ones, but think about your special customers in your business too..
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When did you last tell them they were valued? Last week, last month, last year?      Scary stats for why people stop buying from businesses (quite a few variations here but this is the ‘average’):
1% die.
3% move away.
5% follow a friend’s or relative’s recommendation.
9% find an alternative they perceive to be better quality or value.
14% are dissatisfied with the products or services.
And a massive 68% of people leave a business because of… indifference.
They take their business elsewhere simply because they do not feel valued.
Since you spend a lot of time, money, and effort to get a visitor to your business, if you let them leave because of indifference, you might as well be flushing £20 notes away.
Do you know what your customers think of you/your business and service/product?  If you haven’t asked them recently, maybe now is the time to do that survey that’s been on your ROUND TUIT list.  It’s such a great way to get feedback, build your testimonials and ask for word of mouth recommendations.  If you would find it difficult to ask such questions of your customers, then I’m sure I know someone who would be delighted to undertake this for you – just call…
Customers love it when you
Customers love it when you

  • know them, remember them by name and remember their preferences;
  • make it easy for your customers to do business with you;
  • treat them with respect and make them feel special;
  • treat your 20% VIP customers like royalty (more about your 20% in my Pareto article);
  • let them know you’re accountable when problems arise;
  • ensure they  know they can communicate with a live person;
  • deliver what you say by when you promise it and on the first time of asking; even      better would be to deliver ahead of time;
  • anticipate their needs, even before they do;
  • sort any problems that arise promptly and efficiently;
  • make offers clear and transparent so that customers don’t feel ‘cheated’ by not      getting exactly what they thought they were going to get;
  • grow with them;
  • and let them know they are valued.


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How to give good customers bad news

A great article by Bruce Kasanoff on working with your customers when things don’t go to plan.  I had a very much smaller but similar experience many years back when in direct sales and the company supplying the goods had a strike and everything was delayed by a month.   No comparison I know to the below story but nonetheless, many of my colleagues were having their orders cancelled. I didn’t lose any because I let them know how it was and kept them informed.  “Simples” really.


“What happens when you make a promise to your customers, and then discover that your promise will be impossible to keep?

Many years ago, my boss at The Danbury Mint had placed an ad in Smithsonian Magazine for a 1934 Packard Speedster model car. Far beating all expectations, 5,000 people ordered the car.
The problem was that the supplier he hired couldn’t make the car to our standards. We were advertising precision die-cast models, and they were making cheap toys. He left the company, and I inherited the business.
Die-cast is not like digital. It takes many months to make new tooling, and then to produce the models. To make matters worse, I had to convince my superiors to leave our original supplier in Macau, to increase by a factor of five our investment in each new model car, and then I had to find suppliers actually capable of meeting the exacting standards we had advertised.”……..
Read the rest of the article here
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The "Wow" Factor – have you got it?

Turning a customer with a complaint into one of your biggest fans:
The Wow Factor-have you got it?
Things do go wrong and most people are reasonable if a complaint is handled well. Handle it
really well and you have a fan for life.
When working in the mobile ‘phone industry, many things were out of our control and
sometimes things did go wrong but I never lost a customer because of it and instead they
always became my most loyal customers. Why? I told them how it was; what we were doing about it; kept in touch with them and eventually sorted it.