The importance of the word YOU in all your copy

Great full page ad I thought in The Times this week from Ralph Lauren: a perfect example of copy being written as a conversation with the reader.   You really can image this as an intimate conversation with Ralph Lauren personally… After all, he has designed this latest collection with ‘me’ in mind…
“I am proud to share with you, for the first time ever, my new women’s collection right off the runway and into your lives.  For me, this is the ultimate expression of luxury – offering you every look, every accessory, every handmade detail immediately in my flagship stores around the world.
From the very beginning, I’ve always designed with you in mind.  You are changing the way you live and the way you want to shop, and we are changing with you and for you”.
84 words, of which 9 are you/your – 11%. 
If I’ve worked with you on writing copy for your letters or website you’ll know what’s coming next…. Pull off the key pages of your website and highlight in different colours the number of times You/your v I/me/we is used.  Think about the result.  Copy MUST be a conversation with the reader who must be able to identify immediately ‘what’s in it for me’.

Ralph Lauren letter - a conversation with the reader
Ralph Lauren letter – a conversation with the reader