13 Top Sales Tips

Here’s 13 Top Sales Tips to jog your memory that sales is all about process as well as letting your excitement and passion for your business shine through.

  1. Listen and understand. To quote the old adage, we were given two ears and one mouth – use them in that proportion!
  1. Understand the sales process and the balance between emotion and logic in making any kind of purchasing decisions. Contact me if you’d like to know more about this.
  1. Take time to ensure you’re talking to the right person, and then ask the right questions. Learn to ask good, open questions.  Ascertain with what aspects of your prospect’s current supplier he/she is not happy.  Find out the problem(s) and show how you can solve it/them.
  1. Get out and talk to more people and listen to what they say. Plan first, though and work out who you want to talk to and about what.  Focus on finding people with big problems you can solve with your products and services. Manage your short term objectives in with your longer term strategy.
  1. Don’t forget the ‘phone; talk to your clients and prospects sometimes, don’t just email. If you receive an email at a time when it’s good for you to have a quick chat, just pick up the phone. As ‘they’ say, ‘it’s good to talk’.
  1. If appropriate for your business, start networking and follow up on the new contacts made. You could send a standard email to follow up, or why not send a LinkedIn invitation to connect? Remind the person that you met them at XXX event on YYY date. Remember, meeting someone at a networking event doesn’t give you permission to add him/her to your data base and start emailing your latest newsletter. You always need to check first.  Perhaps forward your first news update since meeting and ask if ok to add?
  1. You need to allocate some time to social networking, starting with Linked-In if B2B. If you can add a ‘plug in’ in your website so that your Blog auto-feeds Facebook and Twitter, that will save a job.  Consider whether the content you would put on your Blog/FB accounts would be the same as for the LinkedIn business community.   Often it can be more effective to keep LinkedIn separate.    As with anything, you have to ‘work’ at social media to make it work for you.   LinkedIn is a great way of finding contacts in the business sectors you may want to work.   I can help generally with Social Media strategy, and also can direct you to some excellent people who can manage your social media campaigns for you.
  1. Create trust, respect and a charisma with your clients and prospects so that they will want to do business with you. Wow them with your service and really work to keep their loyalty.
  1. Be able to explain with passion how and why you are different ‘from the rest’ and why customers should buy from you?
  1. Know your competitors’ products as well as your own. Then you can simply highlight the benefits around the areas you’ve already ascertained are currently ‘failing’ by your prospect’s current supplier. 
  1. Be consistent – show you are there for the long haul; be persistent, honest, ethical, show respect, build the trust
  1. Always do what you promise you’ll do, no matter how ‘small’.
  1. Maintain your credibility and seek out value buyers rather than price buyer

And remember, there are only three ways for more sales:

  • find new customers
  • sell more to existing customers
  • sell more often to existing customers

But lose any of your existing customers at your peril!
I love working with teams on sales training. Give me a call if I can help.  07789  778 335