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10 top tips on how to write effective subject lines

10 top tips on how to write effective subject lines

Another great post from Andy Owen of Copycat, with tips on getting the best from the subject lines you choose in your email marketing.
Lots of pitfalls to avoid of course, and Andy’s slightly acerbic wit creates some great imagery in his article.
A few key pointers from his article to mention:

  • Getting your emails opened is now one of the most difficult challenges in contemporary communication.   In the UK, for example, average opening rates for emails is now under 10% for the first time – and these numbers are still dropping……. That’s nine out of ten emails don’t even get opened, let alone read. Staggering, isn’t it?
  • What makes us open one email over another?  We look at the sender’s name and the subject line – if the subject line is interesting and relevant, that also will give the email a stay of execution.
  • Keep your subject line to 50 characters or less, including spaces.
  • Avoid the words ‘Help’, ‘Percent off’, and ‘Reminder’ – and interesting example of ‘Free’ in a test/measure situation.
  • Do not use CAPITAL letters or exclamation marks.
  • Benefits to the reader, curiosity and fear are also important to consider.  We know that fear of loss is always more powerful than the promise of gain, so using this proven technique can also be very effective. Something
    like this:  ‘Only 17 tickets left to see XXXX ’.

Read Andy’s article here

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Pre-launch website check

Pre-launch website check

Hubspot’s Shanna Karpe has come up with a great check list reminding us of all the different things that need to happen before you hit that ‘live’ button on your new website.

The article and the 57 reminders are broken down into

  • Page Content
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Security and Backup
  • Compliance

“Admit it: Launching a new website is stressful — even for the most seasoned digital marketers.

Websites are complex. There are so many things that are easily overlooked, like a broken link or a misspelled word.

And of course, a handful of things could go very, very wrong. Like what if you forget to test an important data capture form and then lose out on generating a bunch of new leads? Or worse, what if you forget to properly set up site redirects, and those valuable search engine visitors get a page not found message?

Instead of worrying about the what ifs, wouldn’t it be much easier to have a comprehensive website checklist to run down before every site launch? One that you could use for enterprise websites, microsites, landing pages, and everything in between?

Well, you’re in luck because I’ve put together the following list of 57 things to check before launching a website. It’s the same list that our team uses at our digital agency, and it’s a list you can copy, edit, and make your own based on the software you’re using to launch and host your website.  Keep on reading to make sure you don’t forget a thing before your next launch”.

Read the article here