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Marketing gone wrong: how to salvage your brand

Marketing gone wrong: how to salvage your brand

We’ve all seen social media disasters and perhaps watched with interest as the great and the good try to wriggle free from their faux pas….  But as with all things, there should be a process and as a company you need to think about how to handle such things if something goes wrong.  With the example below, an American clothing company’s social media was being updated by a young employee who had no idea of the significance of the image he posted.    See the backlash and check out Imagine’s excellent suggestions for DOs and DON’Ts for handling problems.
“”This past weekend, our country celebrated its independence with cook-outs, memorials, fireworks and, in the case of those of us in DC, some pretty awesome weather. Over the weekend, American Apparel joined in the on-line celebration with what they believed to be a photo of fireworks to theirTumblr site. Unfortunately, they missed the mark, as photo was actually the iconic image of the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. American Apparel quickly got the predictable social media backlash, and their PR team jumped into action. Their response: “the person managing their social media isn’t from this country and was born after the Challenger disaster”. Was it an appropriate reaction? I’ll let the public judge that.

To prepare for such tragic marketing missteps, organizations should have conversations ahead of time, beginning with questions like:

  • “What is our plan for handling a social media/marketing gaffe?”
  • “Do the people who need to know this plan know it adequately?”
  • “Have we learned something that should cause us to modify our plan?”   “”

Check out the rest of the article and read Imagine’s suggested Dos and Don’ts to salvage your brand