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Every one is talking interactivity

A great article from Paul Tudor of Tablet Brochure Ltd

Every one is talking interactivity…”

“The word on many digital marketers lips is ‘interactivity’. But what is interactivity and how is it good for business?
The word ‘interactive’ is one of those words that’s misused in many contexts. Some people think an online PDF is interactive because you ‘turn’ the pages, you ‘interact’ with the page on the website and to some that’s enough. A page turn event is pretty much all you can do with this ‘level’ of interactivity. Is that as far as interactivity goes? We don’t think so. Interactivity is, in our view, immersive. If you can genuinely manipulate the content so that you can get the precise information you are looking for, or you can explore the way you choose in a fun entertaining way, then we think, that immersion, is interactive.

Interactive features that go way beyond browser experiences.

It is well documented that people get their information through different senses. Some people prefer to read, some prefer to listen and some prefer to experience through touch. Being able to cater for all these types of sensory input makes content immersive and keeps customers engaged with products or services. Tablet devices offer this ability. Video is great for the visual learners, words for the readers, audio for the aural group and for the tactile amongst us the touchscreen functionality hits the mark. But tablets offer us something else. Websites cannot offer the level of interactivity, as the technology of browsers isn’t parallel to the technology used by tablets. The touchscreen interface offers a whole new, deeper, more immersive experience. And the best part of that is it’s all offline. Our brochure apps are downloaded to the tablet device and that’s it. Users can watch video, read information, listen to audio and explore content through intuitive interactive features, wherever they are. Be that in the middle of a field, at the top of a mountain or on the train, plane etc. They can just be in the garden, away from Wi Fi or sat on the sofa. Tablet brochures just go with customers wherever they take their iPad.

How is it good for business?

Imagine a brochure. Now add video and audio. Then add a navigation that’s non-linear, more organic and exploratory. Then add interactive content that let’s customers choose and compare at the touch of the screen. Add in social media, full screen images, 360 degree panoramic imagery (great for interiors). Then make that all available offline.
When wifi is available add ‘contact us’ through the device’s email program or Skype. Then add e-commerce links to the website, remote updates, special offer links. All this is then updateable remotely to 99% of the countries in the world at the touch of a button. No reprinting of your brochure or catalogue, no redistribution via post.

How can it be anything but good for business?

Interactivity is the opportunity to embrace customers like never before, on their own personal device and the companies that embrace interactive content will steal a march over competitors.”
I’ve been delighted to work with Paul through the Business West Ready 4 Business Scheme and was thrilled to learn this week that Tablet Brochure Ltd, has been chosen as a regional winner in the 2013 Ready for Business Awards – South West region, as Best B2B Start-Up.  As such, Paul’s business has now been put forward to compete in the national finals due to be held in early December at the House of Commons.  Good luck Paul!