Conceptual Art in Hong Kong – a rubber duck!

My husband is currently in Hong Kong and this week sent this blog which seemed just a tad out of character, perhaps?
“Having gone from the coldest winter/spring in the UK for some years, I have now experienced the coldest May day in Hong Kong for over 100 years, apparently, with a temperature of 15 degrees. Amidst the brollies and anoraks, there appeared in Victoria Harbour a giant rubber duck, and it is amazing how this has lifted the spirits of the Hong Kong residents. It is moored quite close to the cruise terminal, and is apparently a piece of conceptual art. Its designer, a Dutchman, is delighted with the reception it has received, and is no doubt enjoying some of the profits made by the sale of small rubber ducks, rubber duck mugs, T-shirts, etc., that have now graced the stalls of the Harbour City shopping mall. It was towed in quite choppy waters to its destination, and there were fears it might break loose (that would have caused havoc in the shipping lanes), but it made it, and if you go to you can watch its progress. In fact, they seem to have gone mad here with large pieces of art; there is a bouncy castle in the form of Stonehenge which I must go and experience sometime.”
Rubber Duck Project 2013 Hong Kong Tour
Hong Kong [Tsim Sha Tsui] Victoria Harbour May 2 – Jun 9