5 Management Secrets I Learned From my Dog

I enjoyed this article from Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite:
“Twelve years ago, I adopted my dog Mika from a shelter. She’s a big brown and black Rottweiler-cross; a mutt with a stubborn streak—who’s also my best friend. My life has changed significantly over the last few years, but Mika has been the one constant pillar through it all. No matter how exhausted I come home from yet another business trip, Mika greets me at the door with enthusiasm. She comes to work with me every day and sits (or sleeps) by my desk through every meeting I have. When I walk around the office, my employees will often see Mika before they see me, because she is always by my side. Through her, I’ve learned the merits of unconditional love. I’ve also picked up a few important lessons in work and life. Here are five that apply to working better:”
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