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How to give good customers bad news

A great article by Bruce Kasanoff on working with your customers when things don’t go to plan.  I had a very much smaller but similar experience many years back when in direct sales and the company supplying the goods had a strike and everything was delayed by a month.   No comparison I know to the below story but nonetheless, many of my colleagues were having their orders cancelled. I didn’t lose any because I let them know how it was and kept them informed.  “Simples” really.


“What happens when you make a promise to your customers, and then discover that your promise will be impossible to keep?

Many years ago, my boss at The Danbury Mint had placed an ad in Smithsonian Magazine for a 1934 Packard Speedster model car. Far beating all expectations, 5,000 people ordered the car.
The problem was that the supplier he hired couldn’t make the car to our standards. We were advertising precision die-cast models, and they were making cheap toys. He left the company, and I inherited the business.
Die-cast is not like digital. It takes many months to make new tooling, and then to produce the models. To make matters worse, I had to convince my superiors to leave our original supplier in Macau, to increase by a factor of five our investment in each new model car, and then I had to find suppliers actually capable of meeting the exacting standards we had advertised.”……..
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