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Your Email Signature
One of my bête noirs is to receive an email from someone without all their contact details. The usual suspects are of course mandatory –
 Name and job title
 Company name/logo. If using logo make sure it won’t end up as a blob with an X in it and consider how many people will be reading from their handheld device. Test before
 Contact landline and mobile numbers – how do you show your numbers – altogether or broken down? Just as a landline, a mobile has a code and then the number. The code was used to determine the network before days of number porting… 07802 was O2 and 07973 was Orange. So then, 07789 778 335 (mine) is a Vodafone number.  It’s easier to read set out like this than 07789778335 I think you’ll agree? The brain can absorb reading the number when it is broken up.  Remember too, numbers are always a nuisance to copy & paste when in the +44 (0) 225 format.
 email address (again if you’re copying, then it’s easier to have it there, rather than to go back to the incoming email to lift it from there)
 address if limited company.
 Why not have your own outlook contact card and send this to new contacts so they can just save it on receipt. That way you know they have all your details stored correctly
But also think about adding some of these:
 A strap line
 Your Linked in link to your profile or to your company page in the hope that they will follow you. Then your links to your Twitter page and Facebook for business and other social media links
 Sign up for our email newsletter – with a click through to your website

 Read articles from our email newsletter – with click through to your website
 Your offer of the month
 Disclaimer: See what I’ve used alongside my signature below
Clearly you need to be conscious of length of signature as you don’t want half a page of it. But it is an easy, efficient and free way of communicating your message. But the key is to keep changing it –
monthly or so – for people to glance and pick up something new. Otherwise it won’t be looked at after the first couple of times.
And of course you would want everyone in your business to have the same email signature in the same format with the same NEW message of the month. Introduce a process so that each employee only has to copy and paste the whole new message and then just change their name/job title/mobile etc. Send this with instructions of where in outlook to find the ‘change my signature’ because people forget and you don’t want time spent asking colleagues to help change it.See mine below – and alter format to suit your needs.
Debbie Newman CInstSMM
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