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Hands up those who love presenting!

 Hands up those who love presenting!

If we think about it, the word ‘presenting’ covers giving a seminar/talking to a room full of people, to colleagues, to your boss, at an interview and so many different scenarios both in business and one’s personal life.

Here are a few pointers to ensure you’re on track:

1. Understand your audience and make a connection with them

  • who will be there? 
  • what do they really want from you? 
  • why are they participating? typically you have 3 types of listeners
    • those really eager to learn/take notes and for whom this is important
    • those who sit back and watch a slide show and enjoy the coffee and chat
    • those there under duress – they’ve been told to attend!
  • you will need to establish credibility and the right environment 
  • how long have you got?
  • what will the audience be looking for?
  • likely objections – think them through.
  • dress appropriately. 

2. Understand the defined objective

  • what’s the purpose of your presentation?
  • what do you want from it?
  • what’s in it for the listener?
  • work from defined objectives 

3. Too much data? – less is more – try and keep to 3 points 

  • I’m here because (egI want you to purchase my xxxxx)
  • The benefit for you is that it will save you £…..
  • You then explain your structure and that you will be covering:
    • how it will increase XXX 
    • reduce YYY
    • create happier customers
  • Why 3?   -memory and impact – the brain learns through repetition, and layering. 
  • Add some stop slides so the audience can see where you’ve moved on to the next section

4. Writing your presentation

  • Start with the end, what you want to achieve, the action/closing/what/why/how?
  • Then 3 headlines titles of what you need to talk about to achieve your action 
  • Three critical messages
  • The main body x 3
  • Your opening words, directions, theme purpose

You may be interested in the 13-box structure by Eugene Moreau – You will also want to tap into the ’emotional sell’ stressing the benefits of your product or service.

 Next time Part 2!

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