Mind & Memory

This is part of a fortnightly ‘thought’ sent by George Raynault, a Canadian and who was the business brain behind Weekenders.  I had the privilege to attend a number of leadership training sessions with George which were quite amazing.   If you like this you can just sign up to receive your own from the URL below on his Mental Doodle website.

My Hamburgers Doodle (# 270) got lots of comment yet is really just basic communications.
So here’s a basic on Mind & Memory.
First: Vitamin D and Magnesium are absolutely necessary.
You’re almost always missing adequate amounts in your body.
This significantly affects your memory /recall /thinking abilities.
Here is how to easily memorize almost anything.
Let’s make a shopping list:
Mentally create-by-visualization a stack of the items you want to buy.
Create this one right now and later recall this visual list, to see how easily this works.
* First picture a jar of Peanut Butter (you have to actually do this for it to work!)
* On top of that jar ‘stack’ a can of beans (Make sure you are ‘seeing‘ these)
* On top of the beans see a box of tissues
     (Now re-view in-your-mind what you have ‘stacked’ so far)
* On the box of tissues place dishwashing liquid
Once again, Mentally re-view the stack, and that’s all you have to do.
You can add many, many items provided you ‘see’ each one and it’s stacked on the previous one.
Another very effective way is to link one of your senses to the memorization.
Liberal use of a particular smell (perfume /cologne), but only while learning a particular thing.
To recall easily re-apply that exact smell and it will trigger that exact memory.
Or touch your elbow (or knee) with your thumb while learning and again to recall.
These actually work.
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