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Whose job is "marketing" in your office?

From my newsletter 25th May 2012
Just the people with marketing in their job title or ????
What about the person answering your calls – the first contact with your clients and prospects.  First impressions, good call handling all very important. And the first contact in your office for visitors.  Certainly part of marketing.  And it’s at this initial point it is SO easy to enquire ‘may I ask whether you were recommended to us or xxxxx” This information is absolutely critical to focus efforts and test and measure expenditure on promotions.
Then how the call is handled, the enquiry dealt with, the information sent back to client/prospect. That’s all critical too in the customer journey.  
And then delivering the business – be it ordering something tangible or a service or enrolling on an on line course – all really important that the customer journey and process is right.  And you need really good ‘coaching’ questions to forge that sound relationship. Then and only then can you begin to think about cross selling.
How do you let all your clients know about all your other offerings?    Do you have a process to keep them informed?  Relying on guesswork on their part isn’t really great!
What about your techy people – do they sometimes get carried away with designs without always listening to what the marketing, admin and research teams are saying is needed because, after all, what they have produced is really clever and whizzy.   Flash on the front page of a website springs to mind!
Does your team really understand your whole business and all the services you offer?  If not, are you perhaps missing opportunities when they, your ambassadors, are out with their friends and colleagues and perhaps miss an opportunity to say ‘ hey we do that – I’ll get someone to give you a call, if you like?
And then the boss and your SMT must understand and believe in the importance of the marketing processes.
The whole customer journey touch point with your organisation is critical and processes need to be water tight to ensure nothing goes wrong.  See this Seth Godin video delivered to a TEN seminar – it looks at “what’s broken in businesses” in a humorous way. Seth Godin is an American entrepreneur, author and public speaker who popularized the topic of permission marketing.
My challenge for you: that everyone needs to be involved in marketing; from the first and ongoing contact points with your clients and prospects – to make their journey and experience of doing business with you enjoyable, hassle free and encouraging repeat business.  “It’s not my job” isn’t a culture you want to embrace here.  And you want to ensure you’re not wasting any opportunities to collect data so you can keep in touch and communicate with your prospects and clients as well as monitor success with promotions to help make appropriate decisions about future marketing spend. And once you’ve completed a fantastic service, you won’t forget to ask for the testimonial, will you?   Please don’t haemorrhage opportunities!