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Being considered as the expert

My newsletter 11th May 2012
As a professional you need to communicate your expertise.  This includes giving talks, writing articles and holding seminars as well as using the hugely valuable forum on social media, whereby answering questions and participating in a discussion gives you a great platform to be seen and heard – giving (quality) information.

  • People buy people – they always have and they always will; the key to building a customer base is to attract people to YOU.  Use educational marketing to eliminate fear and distrust. Use coaching skills to develop your power of questioning.
  •  You need to position yourself as a leader – show that you are the expert and have the ‘ology’; those of us of a ‘certain age’ may remember those wonderful BT TV ads with Maureen Lipman?  
  • Give out quality information that solves a problem and educates – the sort of information that your customers or prospects can actually use without buying your service/product straight away. You can go into detail about part of a topic to show your knowledge. Looking for information is why we Google the net and ‘surf’ until we find it – unless of course you have already given it out…
  • Plan articles to coincide with important dates in your industry, eg. Accountants sending out a budget summary to all their clients and prospects on their database (don’t forget the prospects – a good email would be great!). And lawyers can do the same when new legislation comes into place or is discussed – eg the Legal Services Board announcing last month proposals to deliver greater protection to consumers of the legal services of will-writing and estate administration.  Great opportunity for the Probate Department to submit an article commenting on the proposals with their own ‘take’.
  • Think about all the different places you can submit an article that you have written – perhaps in a shortened version to your local newspaper as a PR article. Or a longer copy into a professional magazine? For hard copy or on line?  Or put into a slide format, or recorded and put onto YouTube etc.  Try for at least six, preferably ten different places.  Post on LinkedIn, your blog and your other social sites where appropriate (but the social media sites are different so you don’t necessarily want to put exactly the same info on each).  Know which of your social sites feeds your others.   NB be very careful about any advertising relating to the Olympics and understand the rules and restrictions.
  • Think of other great ideas for PR releases – great to see you having fun and doing good stuff – sometimes silly things – eg did any of the males in your life participate in Movember last year?  Around £20million was raised for prostrate cancer and there were some fun articles around with a good photo opportunity.  This year it’s 1st – 30th November 2012 .  Why not check it out?
  • You can guarantee that your prospect is stressed and busy. Their time is valuable. Respect that.
  • Every day people are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages and they don’t have the time to read and/or listen to all of them. Make sure yours is valuable and easy to read.
  • Remember the magic figure of 7 – the number of times you need to be seen/observed before you stand a chance of being remembered. Using your articles above across as many different platforms as you can will help you to achieve this.