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Upselling and Cross Selling

My earlier post on “Do you want more sales” already covers this, but came across a fabulous example of upselling which I wanted to tell you about.   Just to remind you ….
Cross Selling: refers to selling items that are complementary to the item your client/customer is purchasing.
Upselling: Getting your existing customers to buy more… where you offer your customer an additional product or service at the point that they buy – either a more sophisticated version of what they were going to buy or items that will complement the sale. The purpose of upselling is to build a mutual benefit so that both you and the customer win. Upselling assumes that you have already made/are making the sale – now don’t lose it – the process must never be aggressive.
OK then, we wanted to buy a road map of France for our daughter, together with the necessary Emergency Bulb Kit and the Beam Converters.  Checking out the road map on Amazon, we find an offer which packages all three. Fantastic and a brilliant example of upselling – “building mutual benefit so that both you and the customer win”.  Absolutely.   Saved us time and money and hassle, just making ‘one’ purchase and not three.  Not an ever larger cup of cofee, but something we actually needed.
What can you do to upsell and give real value to your clients….