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LinkedIn tips to get you started – and finally…

Be patient and take the long-term approach
Try to keep the same tone when you leave messages as this will be your ‘voice’.  Whilst you don’t want to waffle, you also don’t want to sound curt. Follow new groups first before you contribute, so you get the feel of the group etc.
Be constant – try to allocate some time daily and keep to that.  Half an hour would be great, particularly when starting, as there’s a lot to do and learn.
Don’t just ‘broadcast’ your offers; LinkedIn, as with all Social Media, is about building relationships. Therefore consider following this ‘rule of threes’:

  • one message about your business but not a ‘sales’ message.
  • the next about something relevant in the industry, eg accountant and budget; new industry guidelines in XXX; etc.
  • something personal about you/your business colleagues;/ something random, but always professional. This keeps the interest.    If you are ONLY in ‘broadcast’ mode, you’ll soon be ‘hidden’ from view more than you’re read.

I hope this has been helpful.   Here’s LinkedIn’s own link to its learning pages:                                        
 Debbie Newman
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