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LinkedIn tips to get you started – 8 – Groups

8.   Groups

  1. Find those groups which are relevant to your business – go to the groups directory and search – they may be groups that are alumni, industry, local business groups,
  2. Look for the groups people have joined within your business type and see if they look appropriate; ditto people with whom you work;
  3. Look for groups for the business segments where you want to sell. Join appropriate ones and enter discussions and be seen as the professional.
  4. If you offer a service or product locally, check out the local business/chamber type of groups – such a good and easy way to get your name known locally
  5. Share information to links eg podcasts or if your company is hosting a webinar
  6. When someone invites you to join them on LinkedIn, see to which groups they belong and see if appropriate for you
  7. Join in on the discussions – great way to promote your name out there, but remember this is not a ‘selling medium’ though there’s quite a lot of people out there who don’t seem to understand this concept.  By ‘giving’ information and advice you are promoting yourself without directly ‘selling’.  Keep it brief and to the point. Don’t waffle.
  8. Great place to show your expertise in your field by linking to a ‘white paper’/e-book/article on your website about the very subject under discussion!
  9. BUT when signing up to belong to groups, consider how many emails you want popping into your inbox – daily or weekly?  It’s easy to change though!
  10. If you need ideas/suggestions then this is also a great forum to receive help.
  11. Why not start your own group?

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