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LinkedIn tips to get you started – 6 – Who's viewed my profile?

6. Who’s viewed my profile?
a.    Half way down on RH side on home page; some give a person’s details, other’s will just give you the business category, but you can usually click through on that and have a choice of people who may have looked at your profile.
b.    Full details aren’t necessarily available as it depends on individual’s own privacy settings. How did you set up your own settings? Go to Account Settings>right hand side under Privacy Settings > Profile Views > choice of 3.
c.     Ok, so now you know some of the people who have viewed your profile.  What are you going to do to follow up?   Some you’ll know maybe checked you out having just met them; but others maybe new and you have no idea why they’re “looking at you”.  Maybe it’s a mistake, but just in case it’s not, pick up the phone and have a chat if it’s the type of person you’d like to be doing business with.  If you would hate to pick up the phone, send an email, but the power of a conversation on occasions like this is very great.
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