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LinkedIn tips to get you started – 4 – Connecting with people

4. Add people to your Outlook contacts when you met them

  • When you first join LinkedIn, invite your contacts on Outlook/your email system etc to join – you can get a whole list of who amongst your contacts is on LinkedIn. You don’t have to invite everyone – it’s by selection, not default. There’s an ‘Importing your contacts’ info sheet under the ‘help’ directory or go to Tools on the bottom of your home page with Linked In and import button is there. The latter also will show you your frequent email senders/recipients to see if they should be added.
  • And if you go to ‘contacts’ along the top tab, go to ‘add contacts’ (which does the same as (a) but you can also then choose to add colleagues and classmates
  • If you’re looking for someone, then use the search function and go into ‘advanced search’ so you limit by country and any other criteria you choose. When someone who is on Outlook subsequently joins ‘LinkedIn’, I get an ‘alert’ to say that they have joined, and it’s an opportunity to say welcome and invite them to join you. And now that I’ve prepared this paper, I can send them a copy of this to help them on their LinkedIn way!
  • Keeping a note of date and venue of where you met someone on your Outlook contact is really helpful so you can refer back if necessary!
  • Whenever you work with a new business, see who from the company is on LinkedIn and invite to join, if appropriate.
  • If one of your clients/customers leaves his/her company, you may be able to track him/her through LinkedIn and maintain the relationship in the new business.

Check your settings: > Account>Email Notifications> Network Updates – select weekly or daily. This will give you a two line summary of those people in your network and changes they have made to their profile. Really useful update.Adding connections increases the likelihood that people will see your profile first when they?re searching for someone to do business with. People also like to do business they know, or where they have a mutual friend in common.
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