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LinkedIn tips to get you started – 2 – Your Profile

2. Your Profile

  • Insert a photo – really important. Ensure it’s a ‘proper’ head shot/head-shoulders – not a holiday snap with the family; this is a professional networking site. If you don’t have a good picture, then worth the investment – then it’s ready for other sites, any PR you may be undertaking etc. Do NOT leave yourself as a blob. It’s not the place for company logos.
  • Give it some of your time. Give at least your key areas of expertise. Remember this is your profile, not your company’s-even if you own it.
  • Use the summary to mirror your elevator pitch – who do you work with and how can you help them; use strong buzzy words
  • Give a brief résumé of your previous employment and education. Don’t skip the previous employment – people like to see the path you’ve travelled – if you omit this then people will ask why? Also good for further keywords etc.
  • When it comes to your ‘current position’ this may not describe fully your expertise – eg MD. You can add a second current position which better describes your role which will help people to find you
  • Try to include keywords – aim to jump-start a conversation from what you write
  • When you add your website, you have a choice of what you can call it on the drop down. The pre-selected categories are ‘My Website’ ‘My Company’ etc. But, if just linking to the one website, better to choose the ‘Other’ option and modify the name, using your company name itself for one and your own name for the second, both going to the one website. This is better than just calling it ‘my web’ as this will strengthen your visibility in search engines. You could then use this link in various places on your website, for example when you comment in a blog, include a link to your LinkedIn profile in your signature. Make sure you select ‘full view’ on your public profile to make this work properly.
  • Don’t forget to include your contact details (but if you have a home/office consider whether you should give your home address)
  • Under the LinkedIn Help directory, see ‘Ten Tips on Building a Strong Profile’
  • You can change the order the sections in your profile – use the ‘drag’ handles
  • You should create a separate profile for your company from your Linked In home page – go to the ‘More’ tab at the top and then to ‘companies’ and then add new; from this you can add your company logo – two in fact. And then complete these sections for your business, again using lots of buzzy words which will help in SEO. You need to list your services/products individually- but you can’t change the order these appear.
  • Consider adding the LinkedIn home page as your browser default (Tools > Internet Options) and copy/paste your LinkedIn home page and click OK at the bottom)or Or at the bottom of your LinkedIn home page go to Tools and download from there. If OTT perhaps as a ‘favourite’ on your tool bar or add it as your browser default. The advantage is that it is always ‘there’ so easy to spend a minute or two here and there seeing what updates etc.
  • Use your tag line to good effect eg – Partner at Armstrong Beech Marketing: turning your business vision and ambition into a profitable marketing strategy
  • Network activity – Check yours out – it tells you when you last updated it – put a calendar reminder on your Outlook ideally weekly (or more)!
  • It’s short – just a few words but can be used to good effect.
  • Use it to say when you’re running seminars (AND don’t forget to add these under Events (see More… along top tab and Events is there); link to blog etc.
  • If you own a restaurant/pub you could say if there’s a specific function you?re working towards.
  • If you’re offering a service with a time line running out, then add this (check surname not repeated)
  • And remember, your updates will be circulated amongst your LinkedIn contacts on the weekly update if they have their setting so to receive
  • Keep a list of your tag line & network settings update alternatives filed so you can just swap your ‘standard’ ones around.

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