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LinkedIn tips to get you started – 10 – Recommendations

10  Recommendations

  1. Ask for one/two liner recommendations for you/your business-service – explain that you are building your ‘on line’ brand and that if they felt that the work/service you provided for them exceeded their expectations, then you’d really appreciate them writing a brief recommendation on LinkedIn.
  2. You want them to be balanced views giving good endorsements but not too OTT.
  3. These also show up in summary on the weekly LinkedIn update
  4. Personally I always think it looks ‘contrived’ when you see two people recommending each other at the same time! (but that’s only a personal view)
  5. Take time to give recommendations as well
  6. Where someone gives you a reference but doesn’t want their name/ business name attached, it can still go onto your website, but it doesn’t carry the weight if you just put DN or ‘company from Bath’….

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