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LinkedIn tips to get you started – 1 – Why have you joined LinkedIn?

Here’s a series of tips on using LinkedIn. Hope you find them helpful.
LinkedIn is the ‘business’ arm of social media with over 100 million professional members worldwide and growing daily!   As with all social media, your input will determine your output. Here’s a few tips to get you started but as this is all so fast moving, if you come across new/better ways to do things, please let me know!
1. Why have you joined LinkedIn? What can it do for you?

  • Build relationships – as in face to face networking, thus it is with LinkedIn; follow up real time networking by inviting people you?ve met to join you on LinkedIn.b.
  • Being seen as the active person in your profession locally – great way to build your business;
  • Get introduced to the people you need; to build a network of business colleagues and professionals who may be able to help you directly, or who might know someone you would like to get to know;
  • Find professionals your friends can vouch for;
  • Keep up with friends and colleagues – LinkedIn makes it easy to hear about news/career changes/ projects and professional lives;f. Career advancement, change or professional opportunities
  • Join appropriate groups (own industry and industries of your target customer) and then by adding value to the „dialogue? you get to be seen as the expert and add to your own reputation and brand;
  • Start your own group – give it a catchy name which will appeal and use words attractive to your target market and create discussions and add value to content;
  • LinkedIn is a great way to search for contacts in businesses you would like to work with and see if there?s someone in your network who knows someone in that company.

Remember your objective when completing and updating your profile.
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