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Linked In tips to get you started – 9 – Check out the Answers

 9. Check out the Answers (Q&A) – go to the More…. tab along the top

  1. If you can offer help and advice to a question it creates a relationship with that one person and also endorses your expertise to everyone else who reads
  2. Answers are linked to your profile
  3. Make sure you give quality information
  4. Especially powerful if you have specialist knowledge in ‘techy’ areas.
  5. If you have an answer which is more fully dealt with on your website or blog, then link to this.
  6. People can vote on answers, which counts towards your ‘expert’ rating
  7. Great forum if you need specific feedback on some research or a topic you’re investigating or you need external expertise?
  8. Even if the person asking the question is the other side of the world, if you’re able to help then that’s great in itself, but also your answer may be viewed by someone in your target area who may become interested in you as a result of your expertise.
  9. Most categories also have a RSS feed which you can set up using the Google RSS reader, so you can be aware of new questions in your area.

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