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Linked In tips to get you started – 7 – Sales Acceleration

 7. Sales Acceleration

  1. If you’ve got a meeting with a new client, see what you can learn about them – do you share any connections? What are their hobbies or interests?   Show that you’ve done your homework.
  2. With existing customers/clients, see who they know and ask for a referral if appropriate.
  3. You could search for people in your prospect’s company who are not involved directly in what you do.  If they are a 2nd degree contact, ask for a referral and this is where trusted relationships count for a lot.  You could forward your contact an email asking him/her to on-forward it to your ‘wanted’ contact with a request that they call/email you.  If such a request for contact came from a few sources, then it would be powerful – too many and annoying, though!)
  4. If you have a really good solution/referral to a true ‘friend of a friend’ then it’s a win-win.

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