Armstrong Beech Marketing Customer Journey

How well do you know your customers?

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself” Peter Drucker

Do you know your customers really well?  Have you analysed your customers recently and worked out why they buy from you and not the competition and why some customers are better customers than others?   What makes them different?  How can you get more of the better ones?

Without knowing your customer, your target market, the competition and how they compare with you, both with pricing and offerings, the size of your market, understanding your brand, looking at the positioning, featuers and benefits of each of your products/services, doing a SWOT, working out your marketing mix for communications for the year and putting it into a calendar, then the marketing efforts you do undertake during the year will be diluted.  No question.

When I talk about doing an ‘audit’ it really takes in all of the above and more to get a snapshot of where you are now, what’s working, what isn’t, what you’ve tried and rejected and why.  You won’t get a glitzy brochure at the end of it, or advertising flyers, but you will better understand what your business is all about and then be able to implement how best to communicate…  Email is still one of the most powerful means of communication but it has to be done correctly.

I wanted to renew the insurance for my daughter Bea’s cello last week so tried a couple of alternatives and then asked my original insurer to let me know their benefits over one specific one …. Their response?

“I do not know what kind of cover XXX offer, so I do not really know how they compare to us”. 

Hmm is that how you would reply or would you immediately know where you score over the others and be able to give specific examples? The golden sales rule is never to ‘diss’ the competition. BUT you do need to know immediately where your offering exceeds this or that competitor and be able to home into these benefits immediately, without having to um and aah and say you’ll get back to them.


Debbie Newman, Armstrong Beech Marketing