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How to get the best results when sending Email Newsletters

Glance through these bulleted headers and think about whether these points are being discussed in your business. If you have a team who prepares your company’s emails for you, are you receiving regular statistics to show the comparative open rate, click through rate, bounce rate and opt out rate? If not, why not? It’s so easy when using an email house. And it’s great value for money.I’d be happy to recommend the company I’m using. Just email me here.
What are your objectives from sending your newsletter?
It’s all about permission You need to have permission to add someone to your data base to receive your newsletter. Meeting them over breakfast and having a chat doesn’t count! My article on networking may be of interest to you…
Why should anyone sign up to receive your newsletter – what’s in it for them?
Planning: Have you completed your marketing calendar for the remainder of the year? I’ve got a ‘template’ here for you if it helps.
Design/Content/Style/which font to use?
What order are emails read?
Create a check list:
Sending through your own email system or using an email provider?
How often to send and when
Mobile email reading:
Headline & whose email should it come from?
Who is reading your emails?
What are good open rates for emails?
Does it matter if your email is actually read?
Test and Measure.
If I can be of any help do get in touch, or you might like to consider my Email Half Day programme. More information on my website.