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How is your Customer Service?

British Gas has been fined £2.5m by the regulator Ofgem for the way in which it deals with customer complaints.
Ofgem ruled that the company

  • had failed to reopen complaints when customers said they had not been resolved.
  • had not provided customers with key details about help they could get from the energy ombudsman.
  • had failed to put in place proper complaint procedures for small businesses.

“Today’s finding highlights basic failures in British Gas’ customer service, particularly in dealing with some of its small business customers,” said Sarah Harrison at Ofgem.
And guess what it says on the British Gas website?
“We’re committed to providing the highest levels of customer service at all times and have developed a clear commitment to you”.
Hmmm. I’m sure your website says something similar. Everyone’s website does. But are you sure your customers would endorse the statement?   When did you last ask them?  If not recently, you might like to think about a brief customer survey… There’s easy solutions on line but you only want about six questions.  And for your top 20% of clients how about a personal call? From this you may not only get some excellent feedback which, with permission, you could use on your website etc, but also perhaps referrals.
Too close to home to do it yourself?  Give me a call – something I’m happy to do for you and you would probably get more ‘open’ responses to a 3rd party than to someone with whom they have a relationship.